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In order to make a living out of your Instagram profile, you have to secure paid partnership agreements with brands who have the same target audience as you do. But even if you already have that, brands need to reach as many people as possible through their marketing budgets; which is where we come in.

We allow you to increase your number of followers from real users. By letting us know which way you prefer to follow users; either through targeting competitor accounts or following based on hashtags - you can then lean back and we will do the rest for you.

Automatically following users has proven to result in 10-30% follow-back rates (depending on how good your content is), allowing you to steadily grow your follower base from real users interested in your content; becoming more interesting in the eyes of large advertisers.



Like and Comment

In the early days of the advertising industry it was all about the reach you could get as a brand; how many people you had as followers. The industry has taken a shift to become more focused on engagement, meaning brands look just as much to the size of your audience, as how engaged your audience is.

That means; how many likes and comments are you getting on your pictures. 

We allow you to automatically like the pictures of your new followers, and leaving a standardised comment if you wish. And once you show someone genuine interest in their pictures (by liking and commenting), results show that follow-back rates not only increase to 20-40%, but that the users you engaged with, are highly likely to like and comment on your pictures in return, growing your overall engagement rates for your account.

I’m travelling the world today, making a living out of posting pictures on Instagram. Can you believe that? I couldn’t - but by knocking on the door to brands, showing them that I can help them speak to an audience passionate about travel, in a much more effective way than their normal way of marketing today - I have been lucky to do what I always wanted to do. To live life on my own terms.
— Annabel M, France



Q: What is The Strew?

 - The Strew is an automated platform for individuals and small businesses who want to focus on growing their Instagram profiles rather than wasting tons of money and time on trying to find audiences interested in their content.

Q: What is an automated platform?

 - The Strew uses advanced algorithms to analyze lots of content and profiles on Instagram, trying to identify the profiles that are most relevant to you. You will automatically follow or like profiles that are interested in the same content as you are, resulting in increased followers and likes on your own content - helping you to find the audience that is most interested in you. The Strew is completely automated however with human support from a team of professionals always at your service.

Q: How does it work?

 - The Strew will just require you to login to your Instagram account with your username and password through our platform. Then our team will manually hand-source the top accounts and targeting methods for you to grow your account in the fastest, most sustainable way possible. You can also choose to define your targeting criteria yourself.

Q: Will you unfollow all the accounts you started following?

 - Yes, this is part of our job. So don't worry, you won't have to do it manually. Every day we start following a certain amount of accounts, and after some hours, we unfollow them. This process repeats throughout the period of your package. At the end, you will be back to the same amount of accounts following as you had before using The Strew.

Q: Who uses The Strew?

 - Anyone can use The Strew. It is mainly targeted for individuals and small businesses who find it challenging to grow their social accounts or market their products/services. Whether you want to grow your followers and engagement to secure brand-product placement deals have an online magazine, e-commerce website or you just want to promote yourself, we are happy to help.

Q: Why should I use The Strew?

 - The Strew is very easy to use. You don’t need any technical or marketing skills, and it is automated so it will save you both time and money.

Q: What does "being an Influencer" mean?

 - Being an Influencer means having a certain amount of followers and engagement with the audience in their niche or area of expertise. Brands are looking for these Influencers to advertise their products and increase their profile and engagement. This is accomplished by publishing sponsored posts (either photos or video). This is also known as "Influencer Marketing". The Strew helps you increase the amount of followers and engagement to become an Influencer.



Q: What do I actually pay for?

 - You pay to set up your service and on-going monitoring and support. Your service will stop running at the end of the period, based on the duration you purchased.

Q: What is NOK? Can I pay in my local currency?

 - You might see the prices in NOK, meaning Norwegian kroner, since our company is based in Norway. But the payment can be made in your local currency (EUR, USD, SGD, AUS, etc). We use PayPal to process the payment.

Q: Will my package be renewed automatically?

 - No, all packages are one time purchase. If you would like to continue after it has finished, you just follow the same procedure to buy a new one.



Q: Is it legit?

 -  Absolutely! We adhere to Instagram's third-party regulations and do not involve any fake user accounts, only following and interacting with real people and accounts.

Q: How is this different from other competitors out there?

 - We differentiate ourselves in being able to offer faster, real followers than other services out there. We have a team of ex-Google employees who have spent a long time refining our algorithms to deliver you a premium service rather than waste your money on either fake followers or followers who are not passionate about your content. We only source the most premium accounts who are already interested in connecting with your content.

Q: Am I able to define my own targeting methods and select which accounts/followers the service should follow?

 - You bet! If you wish to select targeting methods yourself you are more than free to do so if you have Silver or Gold package. This can range from following/liking based on hashtags or specific accounts. You can do it from your personal dashboard.



Q: Will Instagram temporarily block me?

 - It is highly unlikely, but in some cases Instagram might notice that your followers are growing at a much faster rate compared to what you had before, which in some rare cases might cause them to put a 24-hour block on your account for following new accounts. Not to worry, this is completely normal, and our service auto-pauses and resumes once the block is lifted, before you're back to normal. And of course, if it would happen, we take note of it and add the time onto your subscription for the time your activity was paused.

Q: How can I be sure this is not just fake followers and actually real people?

 - Fake followers are so last year. We do not believe in it and neither should you. Fake followers are a vanity metric - but they deliver absolutely no engagement - and brands are can increasingly spot this too. We built The Strew on the highest moral principles and our service only targets real accounts, serving real people. 

Q: What if it is not delivering me good quality followers? 

 - Full refund policy. We completely stand behind our technology and continuously seek to improve it but if you ever feel for any reason that you are not satisfied with the quality of the followers The Strew is sending you let us know, and you will get a full refund. No questions asked!



 - Please send us an email and we will be happy to answer any question you may have. Jenny@thestrew.com